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When mercantilism your vehicle, either for gratis (gift, inheritance) or for a fee, you want to meet bound stipulations.


Also you would like, from the sale of your vehicle, provide the emptor a duplicate of the declaration of transfer cerfa No. 13754 * 02 . This certificate is issued in triplicate. One that you simply ought to keep a you want to provide the emptor and a final which can be sent to the prefecture. Regardless of the style of assignment (paid or free), the customer and vendor should each sign this declaration. If the grey card is quite one name or whether or not it ought to then be within the name of many persons, the persons concerned should sign the certification of gray card.


The seller should then provide the emptor the grey card. On the registration it'll cut the coupon for this purpose and keep it. Then you want to specify the reference sold ortransferred. And the sign. If the grey card is a component of the previous models (vehicles registered as 111-AA-11), there's no coupon cutting. During this case, you want to block the record book indicating "sold on" or "sold on."


It is conjointly necessary to relinquish the emptor a certificate of body scenario. This may be merely obtained from the prefecture of your department. It justifies that the vehicle is sold freed from lien or opposition. This certificate should be dated among fifteen days.


You will conjointly have to be compelled to provide the emptor a symptom of technical management created for fewer than six months. This management isn't needed if the sale is formed to a garage. By cons, it's not obligatory that the check is positive from the time the recipient was tuned in to this truth and settle for it because it stands.


Within fifteen days when the transfer of the vehicle, it's necessary to send the copy of the declaration of transfer vehicle cerfa No. 13754 * 02 .you'll be able to conjointly herald the prefecture or Paris within the service of registration cards of the prefecture of police. To know more visit www.duplicata-de-carte-grise.fr


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